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Snickerdoodle Pie


Spring break starts next Friday which means the crazy dieting has begun. Although it may seem difficult to loose the ten pounds of lingering holiday weight in just a week, my roommates and I have taken up the impossible task.

Instead of just eating healthy, we have avoided restocking our fridge in general. Unfortunately this strategy has not procured our eating, just GREATLY lowered our standards. Cheese rinds, raw pasta and grapes bordering on raisins have all become fair game. I swear one night I witnessed my roommate making a smoothy from non alcoholic apple schnapps, a frozen vegetable medley and some grapefruit.

However, unfortunately for my Cancun body, my happiness depends on both baking and consuming good normal food. So after a couple of days of bottom barrier eating habits, and baking avoidance, I finally gave in. And since I threw in the diet towel, I had to go all out with a cookie/ pie/ cake all rolled into one- basically just giving the middle finger to my bathing suit. 100% worth every bite.

Find the recipe for snickerdoodle pieĀ here.







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